Jack Iron
Jack Iron  departs St Petersburg , Florida  May 11th 2004

The crew sets sail to cross the Atlantic for Europe from the home base of the St Petersburg
Municipal Marina. Crew Members include Kent Dudley "Captain", Tim Ashe "Ship's Engineer",
Michael Funke "Galley ", and Terry Clark "Able Bodied Seaman"
Jack Iron    with sails unfurled and loaded to the
gunnels with gear, heads out to sea for adventure.....
Crew: Tim Ashe, Terry Clark, Kent Dudley, Michael Funke
Captain Timmy points us in the right direction
Michael Funke
Kent Dudley
Terry Clark
Tim Ashe
Michael Funke was without a
doubt the best "galley commander"
a crew could ever ask for.
Terry Clark, with his years of nautical
experience, kept us alert and informed.  There
was never a dull moment with Terry. Heated
intellectual conversations were a nightly ritual.
Tim Ashe keeps an eye out in the
Mid-Atlantic for tankers. He is a
"Natural" offshore.  Tim's sailing
abilities were surpassed by none.
Bermuda Arrival-8 Days
Rafted up to a quay in Georgetown, Bermuda
17th Century village in Georgetown
No Docking fees for us in Bermuda
Offshore from Bermuda-Azores-15 Days
Sailboat hails us in the North Atlantic
Corbin 39'
Double-End Cutter
Underway in the Med
8 Days from the Azores to Lisbon

31 sailing days to cross the Atlantic Ocean