This broken down fuel tanker in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean called us on the radio and directed us to stay clear. He had
no propulsion and he was slowly spinning around in circles. He had no way of controlling his (3 football field size) ship. But
he did have one thing we could use on this calm day. Millions of gallons of Fuel....So Captain Timmy asked the captain of
the tanker on the radio if we could bum a few gallons of diesel. He said come on over.. The pictures tell the story....
Taking a spin in the inflatable in the Middle
of the North Atlantic Ocean. A calm day for a
dinghy ride.
Can you find the dinghy
Self portrait of Tim and Kent getting fuel  from a friendly and hospitable Croatian
Crew. We traded "Hooters" playing cards (which Scott Turner provided) for 24
Gallons of Diesel fuel. The captain could speak great English..Jack Iron was
circling as we held on to the side of the Tanker.
Azores- Lisbon,Portugal
Big waves and the "Portuguese Trades" blow us to the Old World
Evenings on the North Atlantic were beautiful.

Since there was 4 of us,  the watch was 2 hours on 6 hours off.

Night time was a favorite time to watch the meteor showers, find constellations, and
look out for ship traffic.
Heavy Fog on our Landfall approach
The radio also told us that the Portuguese Navy would be conducting "military exercises" and to be on the lookout.
The Crew was very helpful that morning looking out for battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, and stray missiles.
We look Starboard and Port no Land
 We Look to Port  no land
Land Ho.....
Eureka !!!  We finally found land.... "A Topless Beach in Cascais, Portugal"   
We discovered Europe...