Captain Kent Dudley
50-Ton Master Captain
How it Started                   
In 1983 Kent graduated
from Florida State University
with a BS in Business
Administration. Then he
moved back down to St
Petersburg and in 1990
bought a 32 Endeavour
Sloop called
Aldine. He
lived aboard at the Madeira
Beach Municipal
Marina.and sailed the Gulf
Coast of Florida. His first
real offshore test was a 200
mile non-stop offshore
passage From St
Petersburg to to Key West
in 1991.
My 1st Sailboat
2nd Sailboat
Tayana 37 Hull 423
Anchored off Francis Bay
St Johns, US Virgin Islands
St Petersburg to Mexico Yacht Race
500 mile Offshore Race
Jack Iron
Final systems check on JACK IRON  before we head out to sea.
Current Sailboat
Captain Kent Dudley "Full Salute"
Journeys to Mexico, Havana, the
Caribbean, and Central America
In 1994 Kent bought a Tayana 37 called
Lady Bess (after his aunt Besse Williams)
and within months was gearing up his boat to
compete in the annual St Petersburg Yacht
Club's race to Isla Mujeres Mexico. With a
crew of 5 they made the 500 mile journey
across the Gulf of Mexico in under 90 hours.
With a favorable PHRF rating of 213 Lady
Bess received 4 trophies...
1st Overall, 1st in
Cruising Class, Navigators Cup,
and if that
was not enough won the annual around the
Friendship Regatta Trophy. 1994 was
a good year..
1994 got even better...Later in 1994 Kent
crewed on
Zizane a 51 Benateau and
sailed in the "one and only" Sarasota to
Havana Yacht Race. We arrived 1st in Cuba
and there were over 200 boats that entered
the yacht race. Havana was amazing and  a
wonderful time was had exploring the
forbidden island. Later Kent would sail to
Havana 2 more times before politics would
eventually make traveling there impossible.
After the race to Mexico and the journey to
Cuba, it was time to explore more areas of
the Caribbean. With the help of Bill Schlenker
and Bob Jagger as crew, Kent elected to take
a 5 month sabbatical and journey through the
Caribbean islands.. The trip included stops in
the Bahamas, Nassau, The Exumas, Rum
Key, Dominican Republic,  and all the
Caribbean Islands.
Journey through the Med to Rome April 2005-September 2006
April 2006 ..After the wintering of the boat in Portugal the crew of David and Lynette Fry join him to sail in the MED. They traveled down
the coast of Portugal and arrived in Gibraltar. There in GIB we met Joanne Clegg who elected to join us as we helped her make
passage to Palma, Mallorca with a stop in Ibiza. After saying farewell to Joanne we traveled through Mallorca, Menorca,Sardinia, and
on to Rome (Fumicino Canal). There we had a new crewmember join us Amanda Foxell to help us get to Greece. Then disaster
strikes.. The Bridge at the Fumicino Canal is inoperable and it will be months before it is repaired. Amanda had access to a yacht in
Greece and invited us to sail the Greek Islands while the bridge was being repaired. David and Lynette elected to stay in Rome. So
Amanda and I explored the Ionian Islands.Upon arriving back in Rome the bridge was going to be down indefinately. So I stayed with
the boat, and all the crewmembers headed for there respective homes. It was time to head back to the US...
Arrived in Rome
Fumicino Canal
Ready to Splash in Lisbon,